Pages from my self published book Proxy.

Pages 1 and 2 of Professor Elemental's Subterranean Sunday. Written by Chris Mole, more info can be found here

Page 9 and10 of the twisted tale of a tortured Raven
The first few pages of my story Bolts.

The following is my work from the 6th issue of Freelance Blues. It was a great honor to work on the book as I was a fan before being brought in to do the pencils and inks. The story follows Lance and his many misadventures with monsters in middle management. Written by Ian Daffern and Mike Leone. The book was released at Fan Expo 2013. Here is a sequence of full pages and a few panels. More on Freelance Blues can be found here

 The following are the pages from my first self published Comic The Twisted Tail of a Tortured Raven, a Steampunk horror book. I released the preview issue at Fan Expo 2012. Currently the full graphic novel is still a work in progress.

The following were some sequential pages I put together for and interview I had with children's book publisher Annick Press.

 The following are some of the Sequentials in my Graduation Portfolio at Max the Mutt.

 The following is my first comic project. It was completed during the summer between my 2nd and 3rd year of school at Max the Mutt. The full book called Shards tales from the ruin nation. and was a collaborative with writer/illustrator Alex Steacy art Director/cover artist Ken Steacy and several illustrators.

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