Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kaiju Conquest

The Big Project that has been occupying most of time recently has been the illustration and design of all the elements of a strategy board game called Kaiju Conquest designed by Warren Loewen. As I have been working on the illustrations of the game he has been working hard play testing and refining the mechanics of his game. To follow the progress of the development of the game you can check out the Facebook page or the forum that was created at http://www.kaijuconquest.com/.
Any Feedback on the development of the game is much appreciate, Warren is always on the lookout For people interested in play testing the game, so if your in the Edmonton area watch the facebook page for info on upcoming demo days.
 The project will be nearing completion close to the end of 2014, at which point we will be launching a crowd funding campaign to fund the production and distribution of the game. we have many wonderful incentive in the works so keep your eyes peeled. 

Here is a look at the box art for the game.


The game features a large force of Mecha and Monsters to face off with. Each is represented on cards with their abilities and stats listed. Each player also gets a variety of military units as support for these battling Titans.

The following is some of the art for the cards.

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