Monday, 25 August 2014


Here are the cover and a few interior pages from a short horror comic I have been working on as a little side project for myself. I have become very interested in the Slenderman mythos recently. I find it fascinating that an Internet meme has transformed into such a powerful urban legend. I wanted to add a little of my own to his mythos. So I took some time to refine his character to something I find truly terrifying. I pulled inspiration from some of the most well known youtube channels about him, and interjected the story right into my own life. Taking real events and rewriting them as a horror story.

As for the illustration of the pages themselves, these are the first comic pages I have drawn traditionally in a long time and the first ones ever I have put to print. I found it allowed me to be less picky about little mistakes and focus more on the layout and telling they story in the most interesting way.

 I will have copies of the mini comic available at Fan Expo this year. Find me at table A382 with Jaded Dragon Studios.

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